Meet the Characters


RANTZ (Nathan Brown)

Hide in plain sight; that's Rantz's method for keeping his vampirism a secret.  Everyone in the school knows he claims to be a vampire. Thing is, everyone chalks that up to him being the weird goth kid.

Rantz doesn't care much for any vampire rules or regulations or any of Arak's teaching.  All he knows is that being a vampire is badass, and he's going to take advantage of that any chance he gets. Shame he's not been very studius about his training though, so he doesn't have much in the way of vampiric powers like Chloe, despite being a couple years her undead senior.

And speaking of Chloe, Rantz definitely has a fondness for her, though it's hard to say whether that is a more brotherly-type affection or a romantic one.  Perhaps he doesn't know either.





Chloe never asked to be a vampire. Now that she’s got burgeoning powers, however, she may as well make the best of it!  Chloe’s abilities are significantly more developed than Rantz’s, but it probably doesn’t hurt that she actually listens to Arak’s (limited) mentorship.  Thus far, she’s learned to entrance people to make them obey her commands.  She (hopefully) doesn't misuse that power... often.

Finding balance between school life and her new vampire life is Chloe’s biggest challenge.  Every lesson Arak has to teach her is another thing for her courseload, and more time away from trying to make friends (something Rantz never seems too bothered about).  Those same friends aren’t too fond of Rantz either, and no one can understand why she even bothers to hang around him.  If Chloe isn’t careful, she’s going to wind up just as isolated as he is!  










You'll have to forgive Arak's apathy.  When you've lived a couple thousand years, it can be hard to be passionate about the little things in life.  That said, Arak still has a vested interest in improving the lives and abilities of his two young wards, even if he doesn't always show it.  Vampires can often be very individualistic and selfish, so it's actually quite unusual for one to adopt a bitling that isn't their own creation, let alone two.  Arak's reasons for such altruism are his own, however.

By day, Arak takes on the identity of Mr. B, a harried and easily-flustered history teacher in Rantz and Chloe's high school.  By night, he takes on tasks assigned to him by a group merely known as The Endless, whose intentions are hidden to everyone but their members.  It's a little strange that someone as long-lived as Arak would be content to the task of errand-boy, but he seems content with keeping his life as simple as possible.

The breadth of Arak's vampire powers are largely unknown, with the exception of his shapeshifting ability.  Where most vampires can merely take the form of small bats, Arak has the unique ability to transform into winged cats, both of the large and house sizes.  Whether or not he's capable of turning into a bat, however, is yet to be seen.  Besides the feline forms, Arak also likes to shorten the length of his hair for his teacher job, most likely for his own vanity's sake.